Different tactics work better for hunting different types of deer. Hunting whitetails is not a one size fits all proposition, much depends upon the area, age, and gender of the deer. On this episode I cover how big buck strategies differ from doe hunting strategies and how hunting young bucks is also different.

Take Aways

  • Does care more about food than almost anything else.
  • Big bucks care more about safety than almost anything else, except during the rut.
  • Great doe hunting advice may not be great buck hunting advice and visa-versa.
  • Great advice for hunting in one region may also not be great advice for hunting in other regions.
  • The definition of a mature buck varies based upon the average age structures in the region of the country you are in.
  • In some places a 2.5 year old is one of the oldest deer in the woods and will assume the privilege’s and best spots that come to a big deer.
  • In other areas where deer are less hunted and bucks are able to get older, there is more deer competition and a buck may not be able to carve out their own place until they get older, bigger, and stronger.
  • Listen to the episode to learn more about the best strategies for different types of deer hunting in different regions.