There are many different ways to field dress a deer and a lot of equipment you could use. On this episode I talk about the knives and tools that are really needed for the new or cost consciences hunter.

Top Tools

  • A Sharp Knife – Any sharp knife that is approximately the width of your hand will work great.
  • Should Length Plastic Gloves – Cheap and works great to keep you and the rest of your gear clean.
  • Nitrile or Latex Hand Gloves – Cheap and keeps your hands both protected and nimble.
  • Two Zip Ties – One to close the Butt and one to tie your tag on.
  • A Plastic Bag – To put everything in once you are done.
  • A Pen – To fill out your deer tag

Items You Do Not Need To Start

  • A Fancy Knife – It just has to be sharp, a fancy knife can come later.
  • A Back Pack – You don’t need enough gear to require a backpack to start.
  • A Set of Knives – One small sharp knife is all you need for deer and elk.
  • A Saw Of Any Kind – Cutting through or breaking the pelvis is only helpful in rare circumstances, usually you are better off on multiple levels by not doing so.
  • A Deer Butt Out Tool – They are cheap, but a knife and zip tie do the job just as well and you have one less thing to clean.
  • A Field Dressing Kit – Kits are usually overpriced and filled with things you do not really need. Either way, you don’t need one to start.

How To Field Dress A Deer – New Hunters Guide
Listen to the episode to hear more and to get the explanations and details.