If anything hinders deer hunters, it is using the same tactics all season long. Deer habits change significantly over the course of the hunting season and this episode I talk about how to adjust your strategy to give you the best chances for latest season success.

Take Aways

  • The hunting season is a marathon, not a sprint. Learning how to hunt every phase of season both improves your odds but also enables you to hunt the phases you enjoy most.
  • Everything changes between summer and winter. Food, cover, bedding, habits, patterns, etc. It all changes. So the hunter must change also.
  • The late season can be a great time to hunt deer, but not the same way you hunted any other time of the season.
  • A big factor people miss is that there are now fewer hours of daylight and more hours of darkness, which means deer can more easily wait out the day to move under the safety of night.
  • To hunt late season deer you need to understand how they act in your area during the late season.
  • Early morning hunts become less and less productive and evening food sources because the best places to locate deer.
  • Listen to the episode to hear about the 5 tips.