Is the good duck hunting over when winter arrives? Hardly! In fact some hunters have their best success in the late season. On this episode I share tips for successful duck hunting in the coldest late season conditions.

Take Aways

  • Frozen water pushes ducks south. This is good and bad for late season duck hunters.
  • It is bad when your best hunting water freezes but it is good because it focuses ducks on the little open water that remains.
  • Not all ducks fly south. If they can find open water and food, some ducks will stay year round.
  • To hunt late season ducks you need to find or create open water or open fields
  • Where you are in the country factors into duck habits and hunting strategy more than anything else. I cover several strategies for different climates in the episode.
  • Late season ducks and geese have their heaviest feathers and thickest fat which means it can take more to bring them down.
  • Consider stepping up your shot size or using something with more knock down power, like bismuth. 
  • Staying dry and warm are not just important for comfort but safety. Falling into the water when it’s 20 degrees is very dangerous. 
  • Never risk your safety to retrieve a bird, and always have a plan to retrieve birds in deep water.
  • Listen to the episode to hear the late season duck hunting tips.