Can you still be successful hunting geese in the late season? Not only can you do it, some people have the most success in the middle of winter! On this episode I share strategies and tips for late season goose hunting.

Take Aways

  • Not all geese leave during the winter, and new birds can still migrate into many areas even through the end of the winter.
  • To hunt in the late season, you need to focus on what geese are looking for in YOUR area.
  • Winter can be beneficial because birds become more focused on the few waterways that have not frozen over.
  • Decoys help with goose hunting but you do not always need to buy them, you can build and improvise goose decoys for very cheap.
  • Geese are easily drawn to decoys that are nothing more than a flag, plastic bags, or black cardboard in a field.
  • Staying warm and dry in the late season is paramount for your enjoyment and safety.
  • Having good shotgun shells helps in the late season because birds have their thickest feathers.
  • Listen to the episode to hear the three strategies for winter goose hunting.