So you want to hunt pheasants but don’t have a dog. No problem! Not only can you hunt pheasants without a dog you can be very successful at it. On this episode I share 3 strategies for hunting these birds without canine assistance.

Take Aways

  • Pheasants are ground birds, they live, sleep, and eat on the ground. The main reason they fly is to escape from danger.
  • These birds need heavy cover that holds up year-round and does not lay down on the ground with snow and ice.
  • Pheasants are not native to North America, and often thrive in transitional habitat here which means they come and go based on the state of vegetation as fields grow up into forests.
  • Pheasants flush to escape from impending danger, sometimes when a threat is several yards away but sometimes not until you are close enough to touch them.
  • Hunting pheasants on foot requires either sweeping large portions of thick field to get them to flush or becoming well versed in how these birds live and interact in order to locate them while they are calm.
  • Listen to the episode to hear the three strategies for how to hunt pheasants without a dog.