Coyotes and foxes are most often hunted at night, but can you hunt these predators in the daytime too? You can, and it can be a lot of fun. On this episode I share tips about how to hunt predators in daylight.

Show Notes

  • To hunt predators in daylight, you need an area that gives you certain advantages, but first and foremost there needs to be predators around to hunt!
  • You need to find an area that has low daylight hunting pressure.
    • In some areas with a lot of daytime pressure, predators will lay low all day and move around freely after dark, and they can be hunted easily at night because they at not used to people being near at that time.
  • To have fair odds of success you need to scout for daylight movement. If they do not move during the day in your area then your odds will be very limited. Watch, listen, set up cameras, and talk to locals when possible.
  • Use terrain to your advantage, travel out of sight and hearing from predators and then sneak into positions with long lines of sight.
  • Listen to the episode to hear all of the tips.