Trail cameras can be very helpful for turkey scouting but to get the best results you need to use them differently than you do for other game. On this episode I share four major tips to use game cameras specifically for turkey scouting.

Take Aways:

  • The best trail camera strategies for deer are not the best for turkeys
  • Gobblers are shorter than deer
  • Turkeys move through areas that deer often pause in
  • Turkeys have less size and mass to set off camera sensors
  • Birds can walk through areas that deer may go around
  • Never trust the specs on a camera, always test it
  • Test every camera you put up to make sure you have the ideal angles and detection range
  • Check cameras during the middle of the day when turkeys are not likely to be in morning hunt areas
  • Listen to the episode to learn how to use game cameras for spring turkey scouting