Can you start scouting for turkeys too early? Or better still, when do you get the best returns for time spend scouting? On this episode I talk about the best times and situations for spring turkey scouting.

Take Aways

  • In the winter turkeys seek out habitat that helps them survive the winter, by spring they move into other areas.
  • As the breeding season approaches, turkey flocks break up and movement patterns shift.
  • Scouting in the winter can afford some value but because so much changes, the learnings can only provide general help.
  • After the breeding season, turkey habits and movements change again as poults are born and raised.
  • Then turkeys begin to flock up again and their habitat shifts.
  • So there are specific times that have high value for scouting.
  • Listen to the episode to hear the best times to scout for spring gobblers