Every time you walk into the woods hunting turkeys, you also want to walk out of the woods! Some hunting safety measures are obvious but others, are not. On this episode I talk about 14 practices that can help keep you and others safe and how they specifically relate towards hunting turkeys. 

14 Ways To Not Die Hunting Turkeys

  1. Never chamber a shell until you are hunting. – There is more to this than you think.
  2. If you realize other hunters are in the area you plan to hunt, go elsewhere.
  3. Don’t use decoys on public land.
  4. Do not wear anything with red, white, and blue.
  5. Never lend a hunter a gun he is not familiar with – And don’t hunt with a gun you haven’t shot.
  6. Assume every sound is a hunter. This sounds easy but most hunters do exactly the opposite. 
  7. Never call while you are moving. Always stop.
  8. Never stalk a calling turkey. You will find yourself walking right into other hunters.
  9. Never split up with a hunting partner. Hunt together or in different locations. 
  10. Try to be perfectly still while waiting to ambush a gobbler.  This is good safety and good hunting.
  11. Sit up against a tree that is big enough to protect you from being shot from behind
  12. Wear orange walking in and out of the woods. A small hat is all you need.
  13. Be very careful when you are exhausted. This HUGE.
  14. Be very careful when you are excited. This is EVEN BIGGER. 
  15. Listen to the episode for all the details!

Some of these things I have learned the hard way. Some I learned from turkey hunting legend, author, and mentor, John McDaniel.  He is the one who inspired me to do an episode on this topic to try and save people pain and worse while engaged in one of the most joyous pursuits in the woods.