Putting a red dot or similar optic on a shotgun is very popular, it seems like everybody is doing it. But is it right for you? On this episode I talk about the pros and cons to help you make the best decision for you, and to help you see through some of the turkey hunting marketing hype.

There are situations where a red dot, scope, or other optic is a good idea for some people. But it can cause bigger overarching problems for others.

  • If you have problems with your eyesight, particularly in low light, a red dot or other optic may give you a new lease on turkey hunting. 
  • If you only hunt turkeys and you only use your shotgun for turkey hunting, an optic may help give you an edge.
  • If you are primarily a rifle hunter and are brand new to turkey hunting and want to try it out, a familiar optic might help you get your feet wet.
  • There are other situations where a red dot, scope, or fancy new optic may be a good fit for you as well. However MOST of the time I recommend that people DO NOT use an optic for turkey hunting. In fact, it can cause you big problems if you do in some situations. 

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