Most people assume a hunt is over once a turkey has been spooked. Sometimes this is the case, but sometimes you can have a good chance of success if you change your tactics. On this episode I talk about strategies for hunting a gobbler after he has been spooked.

Take Aways

  • Turkeys are spooked throughout the day by all kinds of things.
  • If being spoked caused them to be quiet and hide, they would never move or gobble.
  • It is true that a turkey will almost never return to the place where it spotted a hunter pretending to be a turkey. So you have to change tactics.
  • You need to think like a turkey, not like a turkey hunter.
  • Do not let giving up be you default response to a spooked turkey.
  • Time and distance can quickly heal a turkey’s anxiety. 
  • NEVER try to sneak up on a turkey to shoot it. That is often illegal and always unsafe.
  • Listen to the episode to find out how to hunt a turkey AFTER it was spooked.