There is no ammo more effective for turkey hunting than tungsten shot. There is also nothing more expensive… On this episode I equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about the best ammo for you and your circumstances.

Take Aways

  • Not all tungsten shot is created equal. Watch this video to learn more: The Truth & Lies About Tungsten Shot
  • TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) is a brand of tungsten shot made by Federal, it is not a type of shot or a quality rating.
  • Other companies and brands make tungsten shot that is just as good or better than TSS, like BOSS who copper plates their tungsten shot.
  • True tungsten shot has a density of 18 g/cc. Don’t pay up for anything less.
  • Tungsten shot gives you more range than lead and more consistent turkey killing ability at mid and long range.
  • For anything closer than 30 yards, Tungsten is not worth it. Tungsten begins to become worth it at distances of 40 yards+.
  • Here is the ammo comparison I mentioned in the episode: 8 Turkey Hunting Ammos Put To the Test
  • Here is the main ballistics gel test I mentioned: BOSS Tom TSS vs. Winchester Longbeard XR
  • Listen to the episode to hear the case for and against tungsten shot.