This is an often asked and misunderstood question when it comes to turkey hunting. Calling is a critical part of almost all turkey hunts, often it is overdone, and there are times when it should be completely avoided, at least temporarily. In this episode I share principles and common scenarios to help equip you for the many kinds of situations you may encounter in the turkey woods. 

Take Aways

  • There is no such thing as a call shy turkey. Turkeys are calling to each other all the time. There are human shy turkeys though.
  • You do not want to be perceived as an overly eager hen, because gobblers expect those hens to come to them.
  • If a gobbler can see you, and you call, he will expect to see a hen there and will expect that hen to see and come to him.
  • The worse you are at calling, the less you should call. Stick to the calls you are best with.
  • Do not stress over how good you sound, often turkeys don’t call well. The amount and intensity of calling are easy for even a novice to control.
  • Nothing works every time in turkey hunting, these are wild animals. 
  • Listen to episode to learn about when you should call or not call.