Everyone would rather hunt deer smarter vs. harder, but the big question is not that, it is to hunt smarter vs. hunting more. And that choice is not as easy of a choice for everyone to make. Some want to be successful as soon as possible, tag out, and be done for the season. Others want to hunt all season long. Either is fine, and both could be done smartly, but often that is not the case.

  • Hunting smarter involves putting yourself in a position to take deer regularly, it involves strategy, scouting, timing, and terrain.
  • Hunting more or longer is often a result of one of 3 things, looking for the biggest deer possible, not hunting smart, or bad luck.
  • Hunting smarter not only results in more chances to take game, but being more ready when the opportunity comes.
  • You can have the best of both, because there is more than deer in the woods to hunt. You can tag out early and then go after other game. 
  • No one should ever feel like being successful early takes you out of the woods, it should just shift what you are hunting for.
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