Show Notes:

Everyone wants to hunt somewhere that no one else hunts and that the animals are undisturbed and grow big. Private land seems to be that ideal place.  Often it’s not as great as it sounds but there is no doubt that it is usually the best available option.  Getting permission to hunt on a nice parcel of private land can prove difficult.

On this episode we discuss 4 strategies that you can use to get access to private land:

  1. Talk with your game commission to see if they have a hunter access program that lists willing land owners.
  2. Use you maps or OnX Hunting App to find ideal places, scout them, and try to build relationships with the owners.
  3. Train your ears and be more thoughtful with your conversations to identify people you know or meet who could connect you.
  4. Do not overlook the small opportunities that you have not considered or wrote off before you knew better.