Show Notes:

The rules can change in deer hunting between the early season and the late season, and your strategies should change to boost your chances of success. On this episode I talk about tips to help you tag out this season and I share my tag out story when I took my third deer and final deer this season.

Take Aways:

  • Tagging out simply means you used up all of your game tags in a particular season and you are not able to hunt any longer.
  • Sometimes people are sad when they tag out because they are done hunting. Other times they are excited because they been thoroughly successful and can now rest satisfied. 
  • This was my best season ever so far. I took three deer in five hunts. And where I hunt, having over a 50% success rate is amazing. Thanks be to God!
  • Tip #1 – Be mindful of the wind and your surroundings. Watching the wind for you is always important but this time of year you need to think about how other people’s scent is impacting your hunt and the effect of the wind is amplified.
  • Tip #2 – Use other hunters positions and activity to your advantage. Other hunters will push and spook deer. You can capitalize on that by anticipating where the deer will move to, often they go to places they may not normally be at during that time of day.
  • Tips #3-#5 – Listen to the episode to hear the rest.
  • Bonus Tip – Morning hunts can become harder after the midway point of gun season. The easier plan may be to hunt evening food sources.