Show Notes:

The right pair of hunting boots can make the difference when it comes to comfort, managing terrain, warmth, and scent control. On this episode I talk about how to pick the best type of boots for your deer hunting needs.

Take Aways:

Here are four major boot needs and what features address them.

  • Distance – If you need to hike a lot, more than a few miles, then you need a boot that is light enough for the distance, has enough support for the terrain, and fits snuggly for foot and knee health.
  • Warmth – Even if it’s only mildly cold, after sitting still for three hours you will find cold creeping in. A cold weather boot needs to be warm, windproof, waterproof, and have room for toe warmers.
  • Water – If you want to cross a stream, swamp, or even a little mud you need a boot that is not just waterproof but completely sealed up to your knee. Remember, wet pants can drip into a water proof boot and fill it from the top.
  • Scent – Leather and fabric can hold alot of scent and rub it on everything you walk through. A good rubber boot minimizes your scent trail and lessens the chance you will spook deer.