Show Notes:

Spring turkey hunting is one of the most exciting and energizing types of hunting. On this episode I talk about why you may want to hunt turkey with a bow or crossbow, when those tools may give you an advantage, and some tactics you need to be successful.

Take Aways:

  • Generally speaking, bows of any type add an additional layer of difficulty to turkey hunting.
  • New turkey hunters should not try to go directly to hunting with a bow to add difficulty, unless you live in an area where turkeys are easy to hunt or you are unable to use a shotgun. 
  • Vertical bows and crossbows do give you the advantage of being able to hunt on smaller parcels that are closer to houses and populated areas.
  • Turkey hunting is 90% experience/wordsmanship and 10% gear. Learning how to call and be stealthy as well as developing strategy and intuition will do far more for you than the weapon you choose or how fancy it is.
  • Crossbows are the recommended tool for new hunters when a bow is needed or desired.
  • Vertical bows take more time, work, and practice for you to be effective with them and are better suited for those who have already developed general proficiency in the basics of turkey hunting.
  • But as always, the best tool to use to start turkey hunting is the one you already have and know how to use. Be it a shotgun, crossbow, or vertical bow. If you have it, and you can use it reasonably well, then start with that.
  • Experience will teach you what tools are best for you or what features are the best fit for your style. 
  • Always try to make decisions and purchases based on your experience, not the opinions of others.