Show Notes:

Being stealthy is paramount when it comes to turkey hunting, it may be the single most important thing you can do to be more successful. On this episode I talk about specific and practical things you can do to become a stealthier turkey hunter.

Take Aways:

  • Stealth essentially refers to your ability to hunt without being noticed. You want to take every reasonable step to be undetected by turkeys.
  • You want turkeys to not know you are there, or better yet, think you are another turkey.
  • Good camo matters but silence and stillness matter more. 
  • Turkeys have great eye sight and excellent hearing. Couple that with the fact that they seem to live in a state of constant paranoia and you can see the great importance of stealth.
  • Stealth tip #1: Early and slow. Being in the woods early helps you get in position before the turkeys wake up, but it also gives you the time you need to move slowly and more stealthily.
  • Stealth tip #2: Lighter boots. The bigger and heavier the boot the larger the footprint and the heavier the footfall. Lighter boots enable you to walk quieter, avoid breaking as many twigs, and help you keep going longer without getting worn our and careless.
  • Stealth tip #3: Scout trails and access roads. Scouting in advance helps you find the quietest ways through the woods so you can get to your turkey hunting spots easily and efficiently. 
  • Stealth tip #4-#7: Listen to the episode to hear about these and more.