Show Notes:

The truth is, there is a best day of the year for whitetail deer hunting. But that day is not the same every year. On this episode I give you the tools to help you discern the best day of the  year to hunt whitetails in your area.

Take Aways

  • The rut happens at the same exact time every year, no matter what.
  • The moon does not determine the rut, the days getting shorter does.
  • The moon can play a small part, but the weather plays a much larger part.
  • Bucks are going to breed does every day and night during the peak of the rut. But there are days where they will move more during the daylight.
  • Here is Pennsylvania’s data on when does breed during the peak rut. I misspoke on the show, it is based on 6,000 does studied
  • The effect of weather and temperature is relative. There is no magic temperature or conditions. It is all about how the weather is compared to how it has been.
  • Listen to the episode to find out the best day of the  year for you to hunt deer.