Show Notes:

There is no doubt that ATVs can make deer hunting more convenient, but do they have a negative effect on deer? On this episode I talk about the impact of all-terrain-vehicle use on deer hunting and when the best time to use off road vehicles is. 


  • ATVs are a great way to get deep into the woods quickly.
  • ATV’s can be enable hunters with physical disabilities/limitations to overcome barriers to whitetail hunting.
  • ATVs are an amazing asset to help recover game from the woods.
  • ATVs can help you get lots of gear deep into the woods with ease.
  • ATVs can be used in certain scenarios with no impact on deer.


  • ATVs make a lot of noise.
  • ATVs make vehicle noises in places that deer are not used to them.
  • ATVs can spook deer, particularly mature bucks.
  • ATV use can contribute to lazy hunting habits and poor woodsmanship over time. 
  • ATVs provide a false sense of security because the deer can flee long before you are close enough to ever see them.