Show Notes:

Duck hunting is an amazing pursuit and there is good reason it quickly becomes a consuming hobby for many of those who give it a try. On this episode I talk about the top 10 reasons you should hunt ducks!

Take Aways

  • There is nothing like duck hunting, and there are few pursuits that can be done as many ways as duck hunting. It is a fun, versatile, and rewarding experience.
  • If you do not like deer hunting there is a very good chance you will adore waterfowl hunting. It is an active and interactive style of hunting that is not boring and often has a lot of action.
  • Ducks come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. And you can hunt more than one at the same time. There is so much variety that for everything you might not like, there are many more things you can find to thoroughly enjoy.
  • Some people say duck hunting is too expensive to get started in, but that is because you are thinking about it like a lone hunter. This is a team sport. If you have three people that share in getting the necessary equipment, it can be cheaper than most types of hunting.
  • Hunting on the water at dawn is one of the most beautiful experiences in all of creation. This is a wonderful way to enjoy being outside!
  • Listen to the episode to hear the top 10 reasons to hunt ducks.