Show Notes:

Duck hunting is an amazing tradition and American past time that is both fun and challenging to break into. In this episode I talk about the three major parts of duck hunting to help orient you to the sport so you can get started!

The three “S”s of Duck Hunting Are:

  1. Stuff – This is your equipment, great, decoys, calls, trinkets and the many small and large things that are used to hunt ducks. You do not need it all to get started!
  2. Setup – This encompasses everything related to where you will hunt, finding a place, getting there, and preparing a good place to hide. There are no shortcuts here.
  3. Strategy – Everything relating to the methods and tactics you use for the hunt falls into this buckets. Your calling, decoy spread, motion rigs, when to call and when to be still, when to pass on a shot and when to take it.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can start small, and grow from there. Small stuff, small setup, and small strategy. Do not feel like you need to dive in with both feet. Get a sense for what you can reasonable do and just do that.

Growing and expanding will happen easily if you stick with it. The hardest part is just finding a place to start and starting!