Show Notes:

You can absolutely hunt ducks without much money or gear and be effective at it too. On this episode I talk about jump hunting, the easiest way to get started chasing ducks!

Take Aways

  • Jump hunting works best in the middle of the day when ducks are loafing or resting on/near the water. 
  • This works great because you do not need to wake up early or stay out late to hunt them.
  • The biggest factors here are stealth and strategy instead.
  • You do not need decoys, calls, a blind, or most duck hunting gear.
  • This is a great entry point for beginners as well as a great mid day hunting strategy.
  • The more you walk the more opportunities you are likely to find.
  • Always have a plan in mind to retrieve birds you shoot.
  • Pass shooting goes hand in hand with jump shooting.
  • Listen to the episode to hear the strategies for hunting ducks on foot.