Show Notes:

Hunting ducks from a blind is likely the easiest and most popular way to start waterfowl hunting. It can also be very cheap. On this episode I talk about practical strategy for building a duck blind and hunting from one.

Take Aways

  • Using a blind makes duck hunting a team sport, you can not only have more fun together, you can be more successful together.
  • Finding the right place for a blind is a critical first step that is easy to overlook, especially in the dark.
  • Be mindful of concealment from the water, concealment from the air, and not being too close to the water’s edge.
  • The most effective blind is the one that looks natural, like it was always there.
  • Store bought blinds can be easier to use but are seldom better than what you can build using local materials.
  • You can build great blinds for $0. And with a few dollars you can get some simple materials to help.
  • Layout blinds can be great options for some situations but they require an additional skill set and safety training to use well. New hunters are better off building a blind for free and investing their funds in other gear to get started.
  • Listen to the episode to hear about the strategies for building and hunting from a blind.