Show Notes:

Weather effects almost all types of hunting and ducks are no exception. Some conditions help duck hunting and some make it harder. On this episode I simplify things for the new hunter so you can make better decisions based on the forecast. 

Take Aways

  • There is no one sized fits all weather model for duck hunting. It is not as simple as some make it sound.
  • Weather effects waterfowl habits differently in different regions, areas, and habitats. It may even effect different water in the same county differently. 
  • Do not rely on weather recommendations from people who hunt ducks 1,000 miles from you on different flyways at different latitudes. Their advice may be good where they live, but it may not translate where you live.
  • Birds are going to fly, and eat, and rest on just about every day no matter the weather. You can take ducks in just about all weather conditions. 
  • The rule of thumb is this, if you have the gear to hunt comfortably in the current conditions then get out there and see how those conditions effect ducks where you hunt,
  • Listen to the episode to hear specific recommendations for different types of weather.