Show Notes:

It is easy to think you need a dog to hunt ducks, but those thoughts are only propagated by people who rely on dogs. Not only can you hunt ducks without a dog, you can sometimes be more effective without one. On this episode I talk about the advantages and disadvantages of hunting with a dog and how you can be effective without one.

What dogs can do:

  • Retrieve your birds so you don’t have to get up, keeping you comfortable.
  • Potentially retrieve the birds faster than you could have, resulting in less down time.
  • Retrieve ducks from deep water, which is very handy.
  • More effectively retrieve crippled birds, so fewer get away.

What dogs do not do:

  • Help you call in and shoot ducks. In fact they do nothing to help you take game.
  • Make it easier to hide. They can add movement and noise which are potential liabilities.
  • Anything you cannot do, without the right equipment. You can accomplish the same tasks when prepared.

Listen to the episode to hear about how to hunt waterfowl without a dog.