Black bears are one of the most impressive predators you can hunt in North America. They have a large and diverse home range which affords many opportunities to newer hunters. On this episode I interview Alaska native and long time black bear enthusiast Jeff Lund about how to get started hunting these amazing creatures.

Part 2: Black Bear Hunting Tactics, Gear, Shot Placement, Field Care & More

Take Aways

  • Jeff Lund is the host of The Mediocre Alaskan podcast
  • Jeff also recently released the book A Miserable Paradise – Life In Southeast Alaska
  • Black bears can grow to up to 350lbs in some areas
  • The best place to find black bears is around food sources, often by streams full of fish or in the higher elevations with good forage
  • These bears are not typically a threat to humans under normal field conditions, but always put your safety first
  • Seasons differ across the country but the closer the bears get to hibernating the more temperamental they may become
  • Listen to the episode to hear about how beginners can get into black bear hunting.