Black bear hunting is intense, both in the pursuit and the habitat. It can be tough to hunt where these bears reside, especially when it is wet and cold. On this episode I interview Alaska native and long time black bear enthusiast Jeff Lund about how to find and take down these amazing predators and what to do once you have a bear on the ground.

Part 1: Black Bear Hunting 101 – Why, Where, When, Strategy & More

Take Aways

  • Jeff Lund is the host of The Mediocre Alaskan podcast
  • Jeff also recently released the book A Miserable Paradise – Life In Southeast Alaska
  • Black bear hunting often takes you into cold wet conditions requiring waterproof gear and a critical need to stay warm
  • The ideal firearm to use for hunting black bears is one you are well practiced with and shoot with reliable accuracy under field conditions
  • Moderate powered rifles such as the .270 and and 30-06 are more than sufficient for black bear hunts at realistic ranges up to 300 yards
  • These bears are not typically a threat to humans under normal field conditions, but always put your safety first
  • Depending on the bear’s diet, the meat can be outstanding and is very versatile when ground
  • Listen to the episode to learn about the tactics, gear, field care and more