The crossbow market can be a crowded place, but if new hunters focus on a few core factors they can navigate things more easily and cheaply. On this episode I talk about how to streamline the consideration process so new users can make simpler and faster purchase decisions.

Take Aways.

  • A more expensive crossbow does not always mean a more effective crossbow.
  • Often you are paying more to make the bow lighter, smaller, more balanced, more ergonomic, simpler to use, etc. These things all have value but they do not necessarily make the bow more effective at taking game.
  • Three factors to focus on are price, speed, and weight.
  • If the velocity is high enough to effectively take deer and the bow is light enough to effectively wield, it will do the job.
  • Bows do not retain their resale value as well as firearms do, so spending alot of money on one you ultimately do not appreciate can be an expensive mistake.
  • It is better to start with something cheap and effective to get you into the woods.
  • Then let your own experiences teach you what features best suite your preferences, hunting style, and real world opportunities. 
  • Then you can confidently upgrade to something that is a better fit for you down the road.