Show Notes:

This is a hotly debated topic but there are some simple, practical guidelines to help you get started and make smart decisions.

In this episode George shares about the 90% of the time you do not need to carry a handgun while hunting and the 90% of the time you certainly should carry a handgun while scouting.

The bottom line is safety and practicality. In some situations carrying a handgun ads to your safety and makes you feel safer which helps you to better enjoy your time in the woods, other times it is a liability and is just another thing to manage, not drop, and try to keep dry.

The answer to the debate could be different depending on how experienced the hunter is. Always try to honestly evaluate your skill level and needs.

Also, an important note, be sure to know and abide by your state’s carry laws. Some states require special permits, and some have special regulations. Also be careful to follow the regulations of your states game commission.

Show Notes:

After years of relentless research, first hand experience, reading book after book and article after article, talking with experts and attending seminars, and spending many days in the woods pursuing almost every type of game native to his state, he developed a practical well rounded hunting knowledge.  Perhaps even more important than hunting knowledge, he developed a strong appreciation for the outdoors and a desire for more people to share his passion of fresh air and captivating landscapes.

The New Hunters Guide is simply the podcast George wishes he would have had when learning how to hunt; a single place to get practical hands on knowledge about different kinds of hunting, affordable gear, and tips that can exponentially improve your comfort and fun factor in the woods.

Show Notes:

George Konetes is a professor, pastor, digital media professional, husband and father. He is also an avid lover of the outdoors.

George started his hunting journey at about 30 years old. Since childhood he had a desire to hunt but didn’t have any opportunities to hunt or any family members that hunted. Eventually he decided he was going to give it a try and started down the path.  What he didn’t realize was how big of a challenge learning to hunt was going to be. He was starting at ground zero with no network, precious few friends that had ever walked into the woods, and not even an idea of where to look for information.

Sitting in the office one day he just felt compelled to find a reason to spend time outside and be in the woods. He was also motivated by his baby boy, wanting to build a hobby that they could later share.

Show Notes:

Too often people have a desire to go hunting, to get outside, to try something new but they never follow through on it. They might live with mild regret, or an unfulfilled dream, but that can change! You can do it!

Hunting is not about guns, it’s not about killing animals, it’s about getting outside and enjoying God’s creation. It’s exciting, motivating, and rewarding, and if you feel any pull to try it, you should go for it. There are 101 things that convince people not to take that next step. It’s too hard, no one you know is doing it, you have to grow up doing it, it’s too expensive, you don’t know where to start, etc.

None of those is true!

  • It’s not too hard, and we are here to guide you.
  • Chances are multiple people you know are doing it, or will start when they see you break the mold and go for it.
  • I walked into the woods for my first time at about 30 years old, and I didn’t even have this podcast to help me get started.
  • Hunting can be very inexpensive to get started, I started with $30 worth of orange gear and an old rifle that cost $140 and had a wonderful time!
  • You know where to start, it’s with listening to this episode of the podcast, and then go from there.

Show Notes:

The New Hunters Guide is a website and podcast dedicated to helping new hunters get started and helping active hunters learn new things.

Our one big thing is to help get you into the woods and enjoy being outside. There is so much fresh air out there; someone needs to breathe it in. There are so many beautiful sunrises with rays of light glittering through misty treetops; someone needs to see them. There are so many amazing animals in the forest; someone needs to search them out. It should be you!  Continue reading →